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They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this R&B Band. Composed of a group of inspirational musicians and skillful performers, the artists behind Robert James & The Big Citi Band have earned their reputation as a talented band to look out for. From live gigs to studio sessions and more, they continue to touch fans around the world with their distinct and enjoyable musical style. Explore the site and check out their music below.



Sum of Talented Parts

Fans all over the nation have grown to love Robert James & The Big Citi Band and the amazing music they create. From their awesome stage presence, to their memorable song lyrics, the band members have always found a way to make their mark in the industry. Get to know the people behind the music and learn more about Robert James & The Big Citi Band below.

Saxophone /Vocals

Robert James is a great saxophone player that loves his R & B, Dance Music &  Smooth Jazz. Robert has shared the stage with many well known artist such as  Flo-Rida, India Arie   B.B King,
Chi-Lites and  many more. Robert James and the Big Citi Band is a must see!!!!!!!

Guitarist / Vocals

Thurman Morgan is a soulful guitarist  and vocalist. Thurman also known as MR.T
Mr. T has work with the Staple Singers and many other groups, Thurman has traveled the world playing his funky and soulful rhythms Thurman ( Mr T) is also a must see.

keyboards / Vocals

Tommy Graham . As a lead singer, Tommy can put on a show. We believe there is nothing that Tommy can't sing.  Tommy known as Tommy G has  quite a lot of responsibility, from fine-tuning the musical arrangements to assisting other bandmates with perfecting their performances.

Drummer / Vocals

A band wouldn't be complete without its Drummer, and Robert James & The Big Citi Band couldn’t have asked for a better one than the talented Carlton Frowner. Carlton also is a great lead singer and a must see

Bass Guitarist / Vocals

Sherri Weathersby is truly a shining star. Crowds always love seeing her in full performance mode, and the band couldn’t be happier to have such an incredible Bass Guitarist up on stage.

Please get in touch to learn more about the members of the band.


Dates may be subject to change




Jan 8th Geno's 

January 24th & 25th Dover Straits

               Mundelein IL

Jan 31 Villa Verone 416 Hamiton

             Geneva IL 8-12pm

Feb 8 Peggy Kinnance's Irish                          Restaurant & Pub

Feb 12th Geno's

March 6th Glenwood Oak

March 8th Peggy Kinnance's Irish   

        Restaurant & Pub fund raiser

March 11th Geno's

March 14 Bday Party

March 20th Villa Verone

April 4 Peggy  Kinnance's Restaurant                           & Irish Pub

April 8th Geno's

April 17th Villa verone

May 13th Geno's

May 16th Villa Verone

May 23rd Glenwood Oaks

June 10th Geno's

June 13th White party

June 25th Arlington Height summer fest

June 27 Peggy Kinnance's Restaurant               & Irish Pub

July 8th Geno's

July 11 Glenwood Oaks

Aug 12 Geno's

Aug 22nd Private

Sept 26 Glenwood Oaks Restaurant 

Oct 24th Glenwood Oaks Restaurant

Nov 21st Glenwood Oaks Restaurant

Dec 23rd Peggy Kinnance's                Restaurant  & Irish Pub

 Private Party 

For Bookings Maurice Yarbrough 708 798-6762
Robert James 312 480- 9432


Robert James & The Big Citi Band

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For Bookings Maurice Yarbrough 708-798- 6762

Robert James 312-480-9432

Chicago IL

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